Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

This weeks weekly photo challenge from Daily Post is Summer Lovin’

“This week, share a photo that says summer lovin’ to you. It might be a favorite pair of sandals you can’t bear to part with, the homemade salsa you made with veggies from your garden, the flowers you planted, or your family frolicking on the beach.”


Nha Trang, Vietnam

A group of my friends and I took an amazing trip to Vietnam this time last year. We landed in Ho Chi Minh City, made our way north to the mountain town of Dalat, then headed east, to the coast and Nha Trang. We stayed in a relatively empty resort in the countryside on the coast and managed to charter a small boat for a day of snorkelling, fishing and swimming. It was a lot of fun. This photograph was taken by me looking back towards my friends in and around the boat at anchor.

Vietnam was awesome and in about a week and a half my wife and I are heading back up there for another holiday. This time taking in Hanoi and Halong Bay.

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam, 2013
Camera: Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS; 1/200, f/8, ISO 100, 4.5mm



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