Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

This weeks weekly photo challenge from Daily Post is On the Move

“Whether on foot, in a kayak, or on a train, we can document our lives easily. More than ever, the moments of our in-betweens are photo-worthy and shareable.

For this week’s photo challenge, share your interpretation of “on the move.” You can be the subject of your image, or you might want to experiment with movement or transportation in a different way.”


This photo was taken on a rainy, overcast day, after flying in to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam, from Singapore. I was in a taxi heading from the airport to our hotel in District 1.


I love HCMC. It is a very energetic and busy place. The Saigonese go everywhere on scooters and motorcycles from a very early age. They all seem to have incredible poise and balance when speeding around the frenetic streets.

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Camera: Olympus TG-2



    • Thanks Lana. Even though it started out as rainy, it ended up being a very upbeat trip. I would wholeheartedly recommend Vietnam to anyone as a truly fascinating destination and photographers dream location.

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