An idle Sunday afternoon on the streets of Singapore

I had other plans for Sunday (13th Apr) but finding that they weren’t possible I decided to go wandering with my trusty X100s around City Hall and Bugis.

Singapore has a very diverse population of local Chinese, Malays and Indians as well as expatriate workers from all over the world including Europe, the Americas, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, China and many other countries in east Asia and the Pacific.

Miraculously, for the most part, this huge diversity of races, religions, nationalities and philosophies coexist quite peacefully and successfully here.

This couple is an American lad and tiny local Indian lady.

Whether you find dealing with people enjoyable, infuriating, or fascinating, one thing is certain, you’re unlikely to escape being around them in a bustling city like Singapore.

I enjoy wandering the streets on the weekend and I find that there is always something or someone interesting to put in front of my lens.



Older men in Singapore are honorifically called “uncle” and older women referred to as “aunty” even when they are not related to you and have no relationship to you at all.  For instance in a taxi it is perfectly normal and acceptable to refer to the driver as “uncle” when conversing with him.  You may even find people only a few years younger than you referring to yourself as uncle/aunty if you visit here.


Red dress


Birds on a wire


Bus stop






Thingyan is the Burmese New Year Water Festival.  Many people from Myanmar (former Burma) were out on the streets celebrating, mostly around City Hall and Peninsular Plaza on Sunday (13th Apr).


In the steaming heat of the tropics air conditioning is an essential element of office, shopping, and frequently, home life here.




20140413-S0218506Secrets and gossip

Location: Bugis, City Hall; Singapore
Camera: Fujifilm X100s


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